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Digital upgrading and intelligent manufacturing of EMU

Issuing time:2020-06-26 15:28

With the upsurge of "new infrastructure", digital technology is becoming a hot word at present. High speed EMUs are the heavy equipment of big countries, especially Fuxing, which leads the world with the operation speed of 350 km / h, which can be called a beautiful "golden card" made in China. Digital technology plays an important role in the manufacturing of Fuxing EMU.

Digital technology has been widely used in various manufacturing links, operation and maintenance of multiple units in China's core research and development base of high-speed rail trains. Digital technology is becoming a "new sharp weapon" for "intelligent" manufacturing and upgrading of EMUs.

"Golden eyes" on welding

On the carbody production line of Sifang EMU of CRRC, a set of welding data is uploaded to the welding management center every 0.5 seconds. This is a typical scene of car body welding digital management system.

Welding is the key process of EMU body manufacturing. A EMU has more than ten thousand welds. How to control the welding quality?


Chi Haohan, a car body welding technologist of CRRC Sifang Co., Ltd., told reporters that traditional welding needs self inspection, mutual inspection and patrol inspection by welders after welding, so it is impossible to monitor the welding process in real time. In view of this situation, CRRC Sifang has built the first domestic EMU welding process digital management system by using digital technology. Through the data collector installed on the welding machine, the welding management system can collect all welding parameters in the welding process in real time, including welding voltage, current, etc., and automatically compare with the standard parameters. In case of any error, it will alarm immediately.

"The welding digital management system is like a pair of" golden eyes ". Through the real-time collection of welding data, automatic judgment, automatic alarm, real-time" monitoring "of car body welding process, the" process control "of welding is realized, so as to better guarantee the welding quality Said Chi.

At present, more than 100 welding machines have been connected to the welding digital management system, and real-time control has been realized for each key weld of EMU body.

Traceability of "manufacturing history"Bogie is equivalent to the "legs" of the train and is the key core component of EMU.

According to Yao Di, bogie technologist of CRRC Sifang Co., Ltd., a bogie contains more than 400 parts, and nearly 10000 manufacturing data will be generated from online assembly to completion of manufacturing.

To this end, CRRC Sifang has built a digital bogie assembly line. With the help of Internet of things, intelligent sensing, wireless communication and other technologies, it has realized the automatic collection, automatic judgment and automatic collection of bogie manufacturing data.

"How much bolt torque, how much assembly size, every manufacturing data in the process of bogie assembly will be accurately collected and recorded." Yao Di told reporters that nearly 10000 manufacturing data, including personnel information, equipment information, material information and quality information, together form an electronic "manufacturing resume" of bogies. The track record can be traced throughout the whole process, which can better guarantee the assembly quality of the bogie. At the same time, based on the assembly big data, the system can also analyze the one-time inspection pass rate, process capability index, and quality stability of products, so as to guide and optimize the production process and manufacturing process, and improve the manufacturing efficiency and product quality.

Digital physical examination

The assembled EMU must be debugged before leaving the factory. Sun Xiaodong, electrical commissioning technologist of CRRC Sifang Co., Ltd., told reporters that commissioning is to verify the functional conformity of EMUs, which is equivalent to "physical examination". The EMUs can only be delivered after passing the inspection. This is also a key manufacturing process before the EMU leaves the factory.

There are more than 16000 test "points" for a EMU, and the commissioning process has a large amount of data and complex process. It is difficult to break through the bottleneck of debugging efficiency by traditional manual recording and testing.

In order to better solve these problems, CRRC Sifang upgraded the commissioning line and built the EMU digital commissioning line. The digital debugging line realizes 100% electronic filing of EMU test record files and 100% storage and uploading of test whole process data. Moreover, with the help of digital technology and intelligent equipment, the commissioning line is also connected with more than 10 kinds of automatic debugging equipment, so that some debugging items of EMU can be "automatically debugged".

"These automatic debugging equipment can automatically collect test data according to the task instructions, analyze the data by themselves, and automatically generate results." Sun Xiaodong said that at present, there are more than 3000 debugging items for automatic test.

After the digital commissioning equipment is put into use, the commissioning efficiency of EMU is greatly improved, and the commissioning period of a 8-car EMU is expected to be shortened by more than 2 days.

Data artifact protects security

At present, CRRC Sifang has more than 1300 EMUs running across the country every day. The daily operation status data of more than 1300 EMUs will be transmitted back to the enterprise data center in real time.

Based on big data technology, CRRC Sifang has built the EMU intelligent operation and maintenance platform. Here, big data is applied to EMU Operation and maintenance, becoming a new "artifact" to escort the operation safety of EMU.

"An on-line EMU has thousands of data measuring points. Sensors can collect real-time train operation status data, monitor train operation conditions, and send data to the ground every 10 seconds." Wang Chuan, chief engineer of information system operation of CRRC Sifang Co., Ltd., told reporters.

Enterprises use real-time data of EMU operation, and integrate train manufacturing history data, line data, operation data, maintenance data, natural environment data, etc., and apply big data mining technology and artificial intelligence algorithm to develop fault prediction model of key components of mobile train set, which can predict and warn the fault before failure, so as to provide maintenance suggestions.

"This operation and maintenance mode based on big data transforms the traditional passive fault maintenance or regular maintenance into active predictive maintenance, so as to effectively reduce the train failure rate, better ensure the safety of train operation and improve the operation and maintenance efficiency." Wang Chuan said.

At present, nearly 100 fault prediction models have been put into operation on EMU intelligent operation and maintenance platform, and hundreds of hidden troubles have been successfully prevented every year.

From car body welding, bogie assembly to final assembly and commissioning, and then to operation and maintenance services, digital technology has played an important role, adding "digital wings" to the "intelligence" of EMU.

According to the plan, in the future, CRRC Sifang will continue to improve the level of digital technology with product life cycle management as the core, promote the upgrading of "digital +" and "intelligent +" of EMU manufacturing, and add new kinetic energy for the high-quality development of enterprises.

(editor in charge: Jiang Qi, Yue Hongbin)


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